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Dragon Classic - 8.5" Fusion Chef's Knife

The Dragon series of knives by Apogee Culinary are what knife users have been looking for.

Apogee started by searching for the best steel available. BD1N nitrogen steel made right here in America fit the bill. Extremely high quality, durable and able to be sharpened to a fine edge made it the right steel for the job. That steel is then sent to Yaxell in Japan where it is transformed into a beautiful handcrafted cutting instrument. The end result is a kitchen knife that is very durable with extreme edge retention along with Japanese styling and sharpness.

  • American made BD1N nitrogen steel for superior performance.
  • Full tang, double bolstered with comfortable micarta handles.
  • 16 degree blade angle for extreme sharpness.
  • European durability combined with Japanese sharpness.
  • Made in China and include a limited lifetime warranty.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Thomas (rjt883)

I'm diabetic and have a great deal of difficulty reading yellow print on a white background. To me, it's almost invisible. You might give some thought to making more legible for the visually impaired.
As to the knife, I'm generally pleased with it. It's edge is sharp, the design is good, and it seems easy to handle, though I have not yet actually cooked with it. I bought it because it was highly recommended on a youtube video by a chef/professional knife sharpener, and I'm happy with the purchase, and do not regret buying it. HOWEVER, I was disappointed in the fit and finish of the handle components. I am able to feel the edges of some of the holding pins which were not precisely flush with the handle surface. Same with the front of the handle where it joined the blade, and the rear where it met the pommel.
Sincerely, Richard Thomas