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Toor Knives Tomahawk - Black KG Gunkote Finished Blade / D2 Steel / Walnut Handle / Kydex Sheath 28620466

Designed as the ultimate belt-mounted breaching tool, the full-size Toor Knives Tomahawk carries most of its weight in the head, which increases impact force, when swung. 

The blade end of the Tomahawk has a tapered flat grind to reduce weight and allow for a razor-sharp edge, while the point on the rear end of the blade acts as a breach and prying tool. They've made the top of the blade curved, which helps when prying, as it acts as a rocker for increased leverage.  Their unique double recurve handle allows for comfortable gripping at the bottom of the Tomahawk, as well as at the top, near the head. Additionally, it’s fitted with our signature textured G10 handle in Shadow Black and also features a corrosion-resistant Bronze KG Gunkote finish. This edged weapon is Made in the USA, individually serialized, and ready to stand up to any situation you can throw at it!  

This Tomahawk has a Black KG Gunkote finished blade in D2 steel, a Walnut handle, and a low profile FlexTech kydex sheath.

  • 5.75" Tomahawk Blade in D2 steel w/ a Black KG Gunkote Coating
  • Walnut handle for a sturdy and comfortable fit in use
  • Low profile FlexTech Kydex Sheath w/ various carrying options
  • Weighs in at 1.3 lbs
  • Made in USA
Blade Material: D2
Blade Style: Tomahawk
Blade Length: 5.75"
Overall Length: 11.00"
Handle Length: 9.00"
Handle Material: Walnut
Sheath: FlexTech Kydex
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Pocket Clip: Kydex Sheath
Country of Origin: USA

Collections: Discontinued Products and Reference Library

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