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Zero Tolerance 0850CF Sprint Run - Carbon Fiber & 20CV Blade

The 0850 is a design collaboration between Dmitry Sinkevich and Todd Rexford.  Originally a custom piece they brought to Zero Tolerance and introduced it as a production knife while keeping a lot of the high end properties of the knife.  The blade is a CPM-20CV steel and has a sheepsfoot design.  This is a sprint run version and comes in a carbon fiber scales and a DLC finish

  • 3.75" Sheepsfoot Style Blade
  • Carbon Fiber w/ Steel Insert
  • Smooth deploying manual opening
  • Reversible Deep Carry Tip Up pocket clip
  • Made in USA
Blade Material:  CPM-20CV
Blade Style: Sheepsfoot 
Blade Length: 3.75"
Overall Length: 8.70"
Handle Length: 4.95"
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Lock System: Framelock with Steel Insert
Weight: 4.30 ounces
Pocket Clip: Reversible Tip Up
Country of Origin: USA

Customer Reviews

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I purchased this knife from an authorized ZT dealer. I had high expectations for the knife based on reviews I have read. The knife out of the package is a good looking knife. I had the knife for about 10 min. Learning how to open the knife quickly, I attempted to open the knife when the front screw holding the knife halves together went flying across the room. I contacted ZT customer service. The customer service response was to just apply loc-tite. I thought of what they wrote to me as I looked at the knife handle, blade screws, and two shims spread out in front of me. I think the easiest thing to do would be to just purchase from another manufacturer. The next $280 from me will go into someone elses pockets. You need to make up your own minds. I have already made up mine.