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If you're an adventurer looking to enjoy the great outdoors, a reliable knife can be a lifesaver. Maybe you're a knife enthusiast eager to expand your collection. Or perhaps you're a tactical professional looking for a reliable, precision-engineered first-response tool. No matter what you need, we have just the right Hogue knife for you.
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About Hogue, Inc.

In the firearms and tactical equipment industry, the Hogue name symbolizes dedication to excellence.

This beloved American success story traces its roots back to 1968. Then LAPD shooting instructor Guy Hogue noticed that new recruits were having problems holding their guns properly. This prompted him to create a custom pistol grip that fit the hand. The grip made such a huge difference that he created them for his fellow officers as well.

Word got out. His handgun grips became so popular that he had to retire from the force to focus on his business.

The Hogue logo in black background. Underneath the logo are the words "grips," "stocks," "knives," "holsters," "gear," and "tactical" to represent the different products Hogue manufactures.

Fast forward to many years later. Hogue's product line expanded to include knife grips, rifle stocks, and a full collection of knives, which, Hogue proudly declares, are "issued to all branches of the United States military." Hogue also manufactures knives for Heckler & Koch and SIG SAUER.

Guy's son Patrick now runs the business, alongside grandsons Neil and Matt.

Some noteworthy attributes of the Hogue line of products:


Hogue products embody precision, performance, and ergonomics. This quickly earned Hogue a reputation among law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian users.


Hogue's firearms grips were a massive success, paving the way for other products, including tactical and everyday carry EDC knives.


Hogue entered into a collaboration with expert knifemaker Allen Elishewitz to produce the Hogue Elishewitz line of knives. This includes the EX-03 and EX-F01, a folding knife and a fixed blade knife, respectively.

Customer satisfaction

Not satisfied with your purchase? Simply call customer service within 30 days to get a full refund or replacement. Hogue products also carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA

Hogue manufactures in the United States—out of its facilities in California and Nevada.

Why should you choose Hogue for your knives?

Northwest Knives customers favor Hogue knives for various reasons, including:

Superior materials built to last

Hogue knives carry a legacy of excellence. They feature high-quality, premium steel like 154CM and CPM 20CV and durable handle materials, such as G-10, aluminum, and polymer.

Innovative designs

Do you prefer the robust build of a fixed blade? Or the sleek lines of a folding knife? Whichever category you fall in, there's a Hogue knife for you.

Ergonomic handles

Hogue knife handles are both visually appealing and durable. They can withstand demanding environments. The grips are designed for comfort and control, so hand fatigue is minimal even during extended use.

Exceptional precision

Each knife is crafted to precision; it undergoes rigorous testing to meet standards.

What are the different types of Hogue knives?

Hogue knives come in various types to suit different needs:

Fixed blade

Fixed blade knives are called such because their blades are fixed and don't retract into the handle.

An image of the Hogue EX-F01, a fixed blade knife, on a simple black and wood background.

Alt text: An image of the Hogue EX-F01, a fixed blade knife, on a simple black and wood background.

They're suited for various uses:

  • Camping or outdoor activities: Cutting rope, building shelters, preparing food

  • Hunting: Field dressing, skinning game, processing meat

  • Survival situations: Cutting kindling to start a fire, building temporary shelters, cutting bandages or removing splinters

  • Tactical and military applications: Hand-to-hand combat, stealth operations, personal protection, cutting through obstacles such as rope or fabric

  • Everyday carry: Opening packages, DIY and repairs, gardening, arts and crafts

You can say that fixed blade knives are always ready for action. So they're an ideal first-response tool. You don't have to press a switch or perform a hand maneuver to deploy the blade.

Folding knives

Compact and easy to carry—these attributes are what make folding knives so popular among Northwest customers. Meanwhile, you will typically need a sheath to safely carry a fixed blade knife.

An image of the Hogue Deka, a folding knife equipped with an able-lock mechanism that securely locks the blade in place when deployed, on a simple black and wood background.

Alt text: An image of the Hogue Deka, a folding knife equipped with an able-lock mechanism that securely locks the blade in place when deployed, on a simple black and wood background.

Folding knives are also versatile and can be used for self-defense, everyday tasks, and the great outdoors.

Our shop offers a wide range of folding knives from Hogue and other manufacturers. Browse our collection of Northwest folding knives—huge discounts await!

Automatic knives

An automatic knife—also called a switchblade—is any knife with a button or switch for releasing the blade. You can deploy it with one hand, and it's ideal for emergency, tactical, outdoor, and everyday use.

An image of the Hogue EX-A03 switchblade with a matte polymer handle on a simple black and wood background.

Switchblades come in two types:

  • Out the front (OTF): These feature a blade that swings out and retracts from the front of the handle. The single-action OTF deploys the blade with a button press, but it must be retracted manually. The double-action OTF uses the same switch to both deploy and retract the blade.

  • Side-opening: The blade is released from the side of the knife's handle.

Northwest automatic knives from respected names like Hogue, Benchmade, Boker, Kershaw, and many more are available at our store.

Are Hogue knives legal?

You can generally buy and carry knives in the U.S., but restrictions may be imposed on certain features. Federal law restricts the use of automatic knives, but they can be purchased in a state where they're allowed.

Be sure you're familiar with applicable knife laws before purchasing one.

Which Hogue knives are for sale at Northwest Knives?

Northwest Knives is the premier destination if you're looking for high-quality precision knives. Our shop carries a whole gamut of spectacular knife models, including the following from Hogue:

  • Hogue Ballista: Hogue switchblades like this Ballista with a blue aluminum frame feature high-quality steel and a robust handle for a secure, comfortable grip.

  • Hogue Knives Deka: These are equipped with an ABLE lock for easy opening and closing. Also, this Deka with a solid black G-10 handle has a reversible tip-up clip for easy carrying.

  • Hogue EX-F01: This versatile fixed blade knife is made for demanding environments and heavy-duty tasks. Each EX-F01 purchase includes a sheath.

Got any questions? Reach out by phone or email—we're here to help.


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