Miyabi - Koh Series

Among MIYABI knife collections, the KOH series stands out for blending centuries-old Japanese sword-making traditions with cutting-edge German technology to deliver exceptional kitchen cutlery. Discover in this collection remarkable knives that are made to deliver sharpness, precision handling, and durability in every use.
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Experience Japanese Tradition Fused with Innovative German Engineering in MIYABI Koh Knives

At the heart of what makes these Japanese knives so extraordinarily sharp is the high-tech FC61 steel produced specially for the KOH series. Cutting edge retention is incredible and the fine carbide stainless steel is ice-hardened, lending impressive hardness to the 12 to 12.5° hand-honed blades. The cryogenic treatment process optimizes the steel for achieving a true katana edge when sharpened - one that push cuts cleanly through paper with ease.

On the other hand MIYABI KOH cutting edge retains this scalpel-like sharpness through years of regular use. The blade displays remarkable corrosion and chip resistance as well.

Get the Best of Two Worlds, Traditional Japanese Knife Crafting Enhanced by German Technology

While the steel brings 21st century high-tech advantages, the techniques used to form MIYABI KOH blades carry on centuries-old traditions perfected by Japanese knifesmiths in Seki dating to the samurai sword era.

Skilled artisans hand sharpen blades to a stunningly precise 12° for Asian-style rocking cuts or 12.5° for Western chopping styles. A traditional Katana edge is then finished using a specialized Honbazuke process before final assembly in Solingen, Germany. The result are remarkable and versatile kitchen knives that can complement diverse cooking styles

Why You Should Get a Knife That Offers Top Ergonomic Performance

MIYABI KOH knives visually convey this marriage of innovation and tradition through elegant design cues. The FC61 fine carbide stainless steel cutting edge flows seamlessly into a stylishly stamped Japanese kanji character with ice-hardened nickel silver mosaic pins accenting the full tang.

The exquisitely comfortable, perfectly contoured octagonal pakkawood handle ensures ideal ergonomic performance whether preparing sushi, slicing fish or chopping vegetables. An embossed MIYABI logo conveys subtle elegance. Form and function blend harmoniously. Cooks who crave sharpness, precision handling and impressive beauty will appreciate these MIYABI KOH knives elevating their kitchen experience.

Treat yourself to culinary blades merging Japanese legacy with extraordinary modern advantages. MIYABI KOH brings together the best of both worlds so home cooks can elevate everyday meals and busy chefs tackle demanding cutting tasks with satisfying sharpness that retains fidelity over time.


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