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Knife and Scissor Sharpening at Northwest Knives

Here at Northwest Knives in Meridian Idaho we can handle your sharpening needs. We sharpen a wide variety of items like kitchen knives, hatchets, pocket knives and more.  

Check out our rates and our frequently asked questions below.

Sharpening Rates

Kitchen Knives

  • Standard Kitchen Knives         $1.25 / inch
    (minimum $6.00)
  • Serrated Kitchen Knives         $1.50 / inch
    (minimum $10.00) ($3.00 Flat Fee if only polishing serrates)
  • Single Bevel Knives                 $2.00 / inch
    (minimum $12.00)

Repair and Restoration Prior to Sharpening (Reverse Bows / Broken Tips / Chipping & Nicks / Improperly Sharpened)

  • Stamped Knives                       $2.00 Flat Fee
  • Forged Knives                         $4.00 Flat Fee
  • Single Bevel Knives                 $8.00 Flat Fee

Sporting Knives / Hunting Knives

  • $8.00 Per Blade

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get my knives sharpened?

Our turnaround time for sharpening is 2 days. Example: Bring in your knives on Tuesday afternoon and have them back Thursday at noon.

Can you sharpen my knives while I wait?

Generally we cannot do your knives while you wait. Our retail environment and volume of sharpening generally makes it difficult. For our customers that travel from outlying areas such as McCall, Homedale, Cascade, etc. We gladly will work with you on an appointment basis and get your knives done same day for you. Just give us a call.

Do you hand sharpen on stones?

We do not use stones for sharpening. While sharpening on stones has a certain craftsmanship and mystique to it, generally this is not the most effective way to sharpen knives. We have invested significant money and time into using equipment that is used by manufacturers worldwide. It provides a combination of hand sharpening and machine speed. Your knives will come back with a perfect bevel and razor sharp edge that is generally better than when they were new. Watch our sharpening video below to get an idea of one of our processes.

Can you repair my knives?

Absolutely. We can regrind blades, re-tip broken blades, fix chipping and many other issues. This allows us to fix your knives and get them like new for you.

Other Questions? Call us at 208-884-8626 and we will be glad to help you