Millit Knives Titanium Clip for Chris Reeve Knives - Natural Micarta Inlay

Millit Knives Titanium Clip for Chris Reeve Knives - Natural Micarta Inlay

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Are you ready to dress up that Chris Reeve knife sitting in your pocket?  Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be nice if you had a little carbon fiber or micarta on your clip to match your knife?  

Now your dreams become reality with titanium clips made by Millit Knives.  These clips are designed to fit all Chris Reeve knives (except the Mnandi).  Just unscrew your factory clip and bolt this right on.  

Choose from different anodized colors or get a clip that matches the inlays in your knife.  These clips are made in Idaho and are to the same exacting standards that Chris Reeve Knives would expect.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Fiori
Inlayed clips for my CRK

I’m onto my 6th Millit clip. The inlays match my CRK micarta beautifully, while the Timascus and plain blasted ones complement whichever Sebenza, Inkosi or Umnumzaan I put them on. I’ve got my own way of clipping them to pockets (with a slight lift of the end as it slides over the seam), but once used to that I became a convert.

Blake East
Bitter Sweet

First off this is nothing against Northwest knives! They had this clip in stock when it's hard to find elsewhere. And they didn't take advantage of hard to find items by increasing the price. Shipping was excellent! Thanks guys!
OK so the clip... I was a little disappointed that a pocket clip designed for a specific knife didn't quite match. The micarta color doesn't match at all as well as the inlay pattern. Since this clip is made for the CRKs with micarta they should have considered the micarta is not flush on the knives, so the clips ramp is almost useless. Overall I do like the clip but think millit could have done this a lot better, especially as much as it costs. Thanks Northwest Knives!

Caleb Kittel

Super fast to my door. Have stock that’s hard to find elsewhere.