Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?

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This is always a great question and one that really needs to be answered. Let's face it....there are tons of places on the internet that you can buy knives from. One quick google search and you can find what you want from quite a few reputable dealers.

So why us? What makes us so special? Why should you give your hard earned cash to some random people you have never met? Let me bullet point it out for you.

  • Northwest Knives works with premium products and premium brands. We sell only quality
  • Free shipping on every order over $49 No hidden fees. No "handling" charges. Every item ships free.
  • Upgrade priority shipping on orders over $99. Who does that? Sure everything ships free. But when you hit $99 we ship it out so that it arrives in two or three business days..
  • Same day shipping....order before 2pm Mountain and it goes out that day.
  • Outstanding customer service...
  • Great photos so you can really see what the knife your are wanting actually looks like.
  • We are also a Brick and Mortar store. We are not some internet guy selling out of his garage. We are here to stay..
  • Great brands like Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Wusthof, Miyabi, Chris Reeve Knives and more.

These are just a few reasons and I am sure there are many more. Try us out. I guarantee you will come back time and time again for your cutlery needs.