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We all agree there are some natural talents out there but for most people the more you practice the better to get at anything, and Balisong Flipping isn't the exception to the rule. In this collection you will find our top selection of Squid Industries Knives and Squid Balisong Trainers that will allow safe and secure training sessions - Discover the perfect fit for your skill level and preferences.
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Discover our Top Selection of Squid Industries Balisong Trainers

When you choose a butterfly knife trainer, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, look for trainers made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and a smooth flipping action. The weight and balance of the trainer are also crucial, as a well-balanced knife will rotate effortlessly and enable you to execute tricks with precision, similar to what a butterfly knife would feel like.

Another essential aspect is the grip. A secure grip will not only enhance your control but also prevent the trainer from slipping during extended training sessions. Additionally, consider the overall length and handle design, as they can impact your flipping experience and comfort.

Top Balisong Trainers:

1. Squid Industries Balisong Trainer (Krake Raken):

Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, Squid Industries has created a masterpiece with the Krake Raken Balisong trainer. This titanium-handled beauty boasts minimal handle play, ensuring a smooth and precise flipping experience. With its classic T-bar design and affordable price, it's the perfect everyday carry for balisong enthusiasts of all skill levels.

2. Squid Industries Squiddy Balisong Trainer

The Squiddy is a pioneering CNC machined plastic Balisong trainer crafted entirely from CPVC, a chlorinated material known for its superior impact and heat resistance compared to regular PVC. Safe and legally acceptable worldwide it ensures people can practice without risk. it boasts the same exceptional balance found in higher-end models, featuring press-fit steel rods at each handle's end to enhance maneuverability and momentum in tricks.

3. Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer by Mako:

The Mako Balisong trainer is a true standout, combining functionality with a unique design. Its stainless steel blade features an integrated bottle opener, making it a practical everyday carry option. With its affordable price and weight reduction for improved flipping, this trainer is perfect for those seeking an evolved flipping experience.

Why is it Important to Get a Balisong Trainer

Firstly, they provide a safe way for people to learn and practice flipping techniques without the risk of injury from sharp blades, making them ideal for beginners. Secondly, they are legal in many places where traditional Balisong knives may be restricted or prohibited, allowing users to enjoy a good quality Balisong trainer and explore their hobby without legal concerns. Overall, Balisong trainers play a crucial role in promoting the safety, legality, and accessibility of the art of Balisong flipping.

What Should You Consider Before You Transition To a Real Butterfly Knife

Look for knives made from high-quality materials that can ensure longevity such as stainless steel for the blade and durable materials like titanium or aluminum for the handles.

Consider the type of blade you prefer, such as a tanto, clip point, or spear point. Each blade type offers different advantages depending on how you want to use the knife.

Pay attention to the handle construction, ensuring it is sturdy and well-made. Look for handles with comfortable grips and secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidents during flipping.

Your Balisong knife should have good balance between the blade and handles if you want to get smooth flipping and manipulation experience.

Last but not least familiarize yourself with the local legal regulations before purchasing a real butterfly knife. Some places have restrictions on blade length, blade type, or even ownership of Balisongs.



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