Butterfly Knives

Discover in this collection our top selection of Butterfly Knives, a preferred cutting tool in The US and around the world for self defense and pocket utility knives as well.
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So is it Butterfly Knife or Balisong?

Actually both names refer to the same knife type, they were originally conceived as Balisong Knives but the name Butterfly Knife was popularized by Benchmade Knives when customers started to get familiar with the Balisong a couple of decades ago. 

Many people like this knife thanks to its aesthetics and how fascinating it looks when you do tricks with it. They are especially handy if you only need to cut lighter things on a day to day basis, but if you have heavier needs it is probably better to use a more Robust Knife.

Understanding The Mechanics of a Balisong Knife

The key feature that distinguishes Balisong Knives from traditional pocket knives is their flipping mechanism, it is the essence of this knife and allows a quick and easy deployment of the blade. 

At Northwest Knives you can find them in various materials, Stainless Steel Blade Balisongs  are some of our client favorites but you can find plenty of their blade and handle materials that can amuze any knife collector.

What Other Blades and Materials Can You Get

These knives come in different blade materials and styles. Depending on the use you want to give to the knife the material can play a significant role in its performance over time.

  • The Boker Tactical Balisong is lightweight knife that is easy to use as a Every Day Carry
  • The Krake Raken V2.5 has an aluminum structure which boasts a higher strength and is more durable to drops and use.
  • The Kershaw Lucha Balisong is a super light, smooth and sharper knife, it uses a premium CPM 20CV spear point blade and the Carbon Fiber handle rises above to become a champion. 

 If you are hesitant to decide what is the best option for you, feel free to contact our knife experts.

Are butterfly knives illegal in America?

This is a common question we get from our clients. The Balisong Butterfly Knife models are not just eye-catching, they are also practical tools with a concealed carrying appearance, unfortunately it has helped to get adepts in the criminal world. If you are interested in getting a balisong knife make sure they are allowed in your jurisdiction.

In some parts of the United States, it is illegal to possess or carry one of these knives in public.

However, if you really wanted to master the art of balisong flipping and you couldst have access to Balisong Knife a balisong trainers could be the right starting point for you. These trainers replicate the weight and feel of a real butterfly knife without a sharp edge. 

That being said, the trainers are not knives, but are essentially in the same category as fidget spinners and it is better to double check with local authorities that you can have one to avoid getting into trouble.

Is it Worth Getting a Balisong Knife at Northwest Knives?

The Butterfly Knives are more than just flashy collectibles. When you get more into them you can really appreciate the concealed carrying potential and the power of their blade for every day activities. There's a balisong knife for everyone, send us a message if you got any questions


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