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Miyabi Artisan - 8" Chef's Knife

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The Miyabi Artisan merges contemporary engineering with traditional Japanese craftsmanship for an extraordinary knife series that encompasses both the past and present. 

Each knife is hand-honed but maintains a traditional katana edge, which provides tribute to the samurai swords made in Seki, Japan centuries ago. The hand hammered blade is not only elegant, but also helps to prevent food from sticking.

A sophisticated 6-step ice hardening technique unlocks the steel's full potential guaranteeing these CRYODUR blades boast remarkable initial sharpness, cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance, and chip-resistant toughness. 

This Miyabi Artisan is a 8" Chef's Knife.

  • This Japanese blade that is honed by hand using the 3-step Honbazuke process for razor-like sharpness (9.5-12 degree edge)
  • SG2 blade is ice-hardened to Rockwell 63 for long-lasting sharpness
  • Mirror-finish blade with katana edge for exceptional durability
  • D-shaped Cocobolo pakkawood handle to promote a comfortable and smooth cutting experience
  • Made in Seki, Japan

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Adam McGhee

This is the secont miyabi that i have recieved from your business and you guys have been nothing but punctual on deliveries and great with the care of your customers