TSProf Sharpening Systems - K03 Pro Hunter Kit

TSProf Sharpening Systems - K03 Pro Hunter Kit

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The K03 Pro is the ultimate sharpener for getting your blade razor sharp in no time. You'll love how easy it is to use, thanks to the included Axicube-I electronic angle finder. You can set the angle with pinpoint accuracy, and the abrasive holder's specially shaped coupling ensures a perfect connection. The rack and pinion lift and brass-toothed wheel slide make adjustment a breeze, and a laser marking on the slide helps you keep track of your angle. Best of all, the K03 Pro requires no calibration and can be put together in just a few minutes.

This TSPROF K03 Pro Sharpening System includes:

  • TSPROF K03 Pro body with Axicube-I angle finder
  • Whole-milled clamps - 2 pcs.
  • Set of 5 diamond plates
  • Spare parts
  • Steel stand
  • Packaging: wooden shipping box with foam inserts

Includes the following grit range:
— F150 Extra Coarse diamond plate - for profiling the edge and shaping the blade.
— F220 Coarse diamond plate - next step in blade shaping, still pretty coarse.
— F400 Medium diamond plate - for main sharpening stage and making a biting edge.
— F600 Fine diamond plate - for pre-finishing the edge and removing scratches.
— F1000 Very Fine diamond plate - for finishing the edge.

  • Large size - full-size professional sharpening system.
  • Turning mechanism - semi-automatic mechanism helps to keep the same angle on both sides of the blade.
  • One hand angle adjustment - easy to set the angle thanks to the rack and pinion lift
  • Sharpening angle - from 8° to 39° per side, maximum total angle - up to 78°
  • Universal holder - use any flat-end or Edge Pro stones up to 210 mm long
  • Abrasives included - set of five effective, easy to use, and maintain diamond plates (150-1000 grit)
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA

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