TSProf Sharpening Systems - Kadet Pro Kit

TSProf Sharpening Systems - Kadet Pro Kit

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The TSPROF Kadet Pro Knife sharpening kit is the perfect tool for getting your knives razor-sharp no matter where you are. It comes with universal clamps that allow you to sharpen both compact folding and solid hunting knives with ease.

The TSPROF Kadet Pro sharpener has a rotary mechanism that helps maintain the same angle on both sides of the knife. Simply flip the knife, and the lever will firmly secure it with clamps. Then, by rotating the lifting handle, the rotary unit moves smoothly around the virtual center where the cutting edge of the knife is located.

The arched rack is made of a single piece of aluminum and is integrated with a rack and pinion lift by toothed gearing. The locking lever allows you to securely fix the rotary unit after adjusting the required angle. The TSPROF Kadet Pro is anodized in black to look cool and protect it from rust. This coating method helps the device maintain its perfect appearance for many years.

TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpening Kit includes:

  • TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpener
  • Standard Whole-milled Kadet clamps - 2 pcs.
  • Set of 5 diamond abrasive plates
  • Spare parts
  • Packaging: Cardboard box

Includes the following grit range:
— F150 Extra Coarse diamond plate - for profiling the edge and shaping the blade.
— F220 Coarse diamond plate - next step in blade shaping, still pretty coarse.
— F400 Medium diamond plate - for main sharpening stage and making a biting edge.
— F600 Fine diamond plate - for pre-finishing the edge and removing scratches.
— F1000 Very Fine diamond plate - for finishing the edge.

  • Medium size - universal professional sharpening system
  • Turning mechanism - keep the same angle on both sides of the blade
  • Incredible precision - easy to set the angle thanks to the rack and pinion lift
  • Sharpening angle- from 9° to 28° per side, maximum total angle - up to 58°.
  • Universal holder - use any flat-end or Edge Pro stones from 10 to 160 mm long
  • Abrasives included - a set of five effective, easy-to-use, and maintain diamond plates (150-1000 grit)
  • Black anodized coated body offers increased corrosion and aluminum surface protection
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials in the USA

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