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Benchmade 50023 - EXOTAC fireROD XL / Blue Anodized Aluminum Capsule

Do you own a Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter or a 200 Pukko? Well now you can buy the Benchmade fireROD for all your camping and bushcrafting needs. Benchmade has collaborated with EXOTAC to create a phenomenal ferro rod that will fit into the 162 and 200 sheaths. The fireRod has a blue anodized aluminum capsule top, with the famous Benchmade logo, so when you decide to set it down, you will be able too find it later! The threaded ferro rod can be easily switched out to a new one and will even work in the wettest environments. 

This fireRod also includes two pieces of quickLight waterproof tinder with it, and will fit inside the O-Ring blue top capsule, making it safe and secure so you will never have to worry about being able to start a fire again!

  • 4.56" Full Length of Ferro Rod
  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Capsule with O-ring seal
  • Works even when wet
  • Fits in Benchmade 162 and 200 leather sheaths
  • Made in USA
Height: 4.56"
Capsule Width: 0.545"
Weight & Tinder: 1.23 oz.
Weight & No Tinder: 1.20 oz.
Color: Blue Ano

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Merrill
High Quality and Excellent fit/finish

Very high quality and excellent looking with perfect fit and finish. Fits perfectly into sheath holder on the Benchmade Anonimous.

Robert White (270wsmr_11)
It's a match

Perfect fit in the sheath and looks sharp