Boker Cattle Knife Slipjoint - Curly Birch Handle 110910

Boker Cattle Knife Slipjoint - Curly Birch Handle 110910

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In the mid-19th century, the first multitools were invented in Solingen. One of the most famous is the multi-part Boker Sports Knife, one of the ancestors of the renowned Swiss Army Knife. The knife was and still is a triumph in North America, winning over countless customers over the years. People did begin to ask for a bigger, sturdier knife of the same design, suitable for the rough everyday life on a ranch or in the wilderness. The idea of the cattle knife was born. Today, the classic pocketknives enjoy a renaissance as Modern Traditionals, reflecting timeless values such as sustainability, natural materials and true craftsmanship. Modern pocketknives don't necessarily require additional blades, since the main blade is made from much better steel than in the old days and can handle all cutting tasks of urban everyday life.

The Boker Cattle Knife is a full-fledged slipjoint pocketknife for everyday use, featuring a blade of N690 fashioned in a historic shape. A tight spring holds the blade when opened as well as at 90 degrees. The long nail nick, also known as a long pull, is equipped with fine teeth, perfect for striking suitable matches. The tang of this knife is brass, while the decorative bolsters consist of nickel silver with a delicately milled groove. The handle is made from brown stabilized curly birch wood. The fully handcrafted knife made by Boker Manufactory Solingen comes with the new version of the historic Boker tree symbol.

  • 3.23" Blade in N690 steel
  • Curly Birch Wood Scales with brass liners
  • Slip Joint with nail nick opening
  • Nickel Silver decorative bolsters
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
Blade Material: N690
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Length: 3.23"
Overall Length: 7.68"
Handle Length: 4.45"
Handle Material: Curly Birch Wood
Lock System: Slip Joint
Weight: 3.63 ounces
Pocket Clip: None
Country of Origin: Germany

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Fitch (fitcdani)
Böker Cattle Knife in Stabilized Curly Birch

I'm giving this knife 3 stars for two reasons. First and foremost: at this price point the knife needs to be free of major quality defects - and it isn't. The materials all look great and are mostly well-fitted - transitions from scales to bolsters are undetectable to the touch, there are no gaps between the brass liners and the back-spring, and spring termination is razor straight. The shield, however, is ever so slightly off-kilter - just enough to be noticeable (I'm not too bothered by that, though: didn't even notice it at first, but there it is). No, for me the inexcusable problem is the lateral blade play, which is absent in knives I own that are a fraction of the price. Its especially noticeable because this is a rather large folder with a long blade. Are they just not checking for this kind of thing before they ship their knives out of the factory? It's pretty disappointing because as good as it may look, that blade play makes the knife feel kind of cheap - and that's just not OK at this price. (Oh - and the sharpness out of the box is pretty underwhelming, although that isn't really a sticking point for me.) Anyhow, I'm going to fill out a warranty claim and see where this goes. This knife was my first experience with a Solingen-made Böker, and as first impressions go this is not a great one. How Böker responds next will determine whether I buy another of their products, but gotta say my confidence in them is already a bit shaken...