Microtech UTX-85 OTF Tactical - Single Edge / Black Blade / Black Body - 231-1T

Microtech UTX-85 OTF Tactical - Single Edge / Black Blade / Black Body - 231-1T

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The Microtech UTX-85 is becoming a super seller here in the store and online.   The 85 stands for 85% of the size of the regular Ultratech.  This size reduction fits some peoples hands and pockets better.  Contoured anodized aluminum handles are comfortable to grip, easy to get out of the pocket and have "grip points" in all the right places.  The Ultratech is a spine fire auto which makes it easy to carry in the pocket and easy to deploy when ready.  

UTX-85's are a double action knife which means that the blade deploys when pushing forward on the lever and retracts when pulling back

This UTX-85 has black anodized handles with a black single edged blade and black hardware with a black deployment button.

 All UTX-85's come in either M390, Elmax or 204P depending on production run.

  • 3.20" Drop Point Blade
  • Black textured milled aluminum handles
  • Automatic Opening out the front
  • Blacked out Heavy duty pocket clip with glass breaker tip
  • Made in USA
Blade Material:  M390 or Elmax or 204P
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Length: 3.20"
Overall Length: 7.50"
Handle Length: 4.40"
Handle Material: Black anodized aluminum
Lock System: Out the Front 
Weight: 3.10 ounces
Pocket Clip: Right Hand Tip down
Country of Origin: USA

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Matthew Bourgeois
Microtech utx 85

Coolest knife I’ve ever owned! My wife calls it my “man’s fidget spinner” because I play with it constantly. Every time I take it out it becomes the topic of conversation. Oh yeah, it’s also a great knife!!