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Tojiro MV Series 10.5" Yanagi Sashimi - Single Bevel - Made in Japan

The Tojiro MV Series of knives is for the home cook or chef looking for high performance coupled with great value.  These are a great single bevel series of knives that are constructed of a rust resistant Molybdenum steel that helps eliminate the maintenance of a carbon steel knife.  This makes this a great knife for the occasional enthusiast or beginner to single bevel knives.

The handle is a water resistant magnolia wood with a resin collar.

The MV series are right handed knives.

Personally I find the Tojiro line of knives to be some of the best values available today. 

  • Molybdenum steel construction
  • Magnolia handle with resin collar
  • Lightweight and nimble without sacrificing performance
  • Ultra sharp right handed single bevel
  • Handcrafted in Japan and includes a lifetime warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Conrad (contactconrad)
Sharp and stays sharp

My favorite knife. It feels good in my hands.