Toor Knives XT1 Alpha - CPM-154CM / Recurve Blade / Full Titanium Handle 28672482

Toor Knives XT1 Alpha - CPM-154CM / Recurve Blade / Full Titanium Handle 28672482

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This full-size frame lock folding knife pays homage to the tactical and military foundation Toor Knives was built on and was designed in a collaborative effort between Connor Toor, Thomas Whard and Alfredo Garcia, all of whom are dedicated Toor team members. To achieve Connor’s goal of creating a pocketknife that could tackle the challenging tasks within tactical and military settings, the blade and handle had to be much larger than what is considered ‘standard’ in the marketplace, and an overall stronger locking mechanism was needed for heavier tasks like chopping and prying.

The team designed a hardened steel lockbar insert with overtravel stop on the XT1, to reduce wear and tear on the blade lock interface – which also maintains lock longevity and creates a much larger surface area engagement, mitigating all open and closed blade movement. The additional mass to the handle allows for a titanium billet milled clip to sit in a machined recess, completely improving the overall durability of the pocket clip. Additionally, a full titanium backspacer was added to greatly improve the rigidity of all the frame body screws and relieve the stress from traditional threaded standoffs. The Titanium backspacer is finished with a large loop featuring jimping for safety chords and lanyards.

BUT the XT1’s most iconic feature is the full-size 0.157" (5/32) thick recurve blade! The bevel stands about 1.0" tall and is hand-ground to its finished dimension by several of the talented Toor Knives Grinders. The initial edge is left slightly thicker prior to sharpening, allowing for a much larger final edge with more mass. This critical feature allows for a longer edge life, as well as a more user-friendly grind to resharpen in the field.

The XT1 is finished with all titanium hardware, an individual serial number, and a steel type engraving on each blade, securing its exclusivity in each limited batch they produce.

*This initial batch of XT1 Alpha will be the only versions produced in CPM-154 steel.

  • 3.25" Recurve Blade in CPM-154 steel
  • Full titanium handle scales and hardware
  • Bronze Phosphorous washers for smooth and fast deployment of the blade that will work in over time
  • Weighs in at 5.6 ounces
  • Made in USA
Blade Material: CPM-154
Blade Style: Recurve
Blade Length: 3.25"
Handle Length: 4.75"
Overall Length: 8.00"
Handle Material: 6AL-4V Titanium
Pocket Clip: Right Hand / Tip-Up
Lock System: Framelock
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Country of Origin: USA

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Absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier with the smooth transaction and fast shipping. I look forward to adding to my collection